Knights of Columbus: Coming to Our Rescue, Once Again!

Knights of Columbus

We are so incredibly grateful for the all the help the Knights of Columbus from St. Gabriel’s Church in Marlboro have done for Collier Youth Services over the past few months, and they continue amaze us!

Most recently, 6 Knights answered our last-minute call for help without any questions. These Knights did it all—from demolition to building furniture—to make sure the Collier High School S.T.A.R. program’s facilities were ready to accept students who need extra support and motivation.

Thank you so much to all of the Knights of Columbus who continue to support our mission of providing at-risk youth a chance to grow toward their potential in an environment that promotes belonging, dignity, and hope. Collier is so lucky to have such a loyal group of supporters in our corner.

To see pictures from the Knights’ volunteer project, click here.

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