Collier Middle School--Not Missing a Beat!

Collier Middle School--Not Missing a Beat!
Posted on 12/17/2019
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Music can have many benefits, whether you are listening to music or playing an instrument. Playing an instrument has been found to reduce stress, produces patience and perseverance, boosts creativity, helps strengthen time-management skills, and increases your memory. These reasons, among others, is why Collier Middle School offers free, private music lessons during the school day.

Music Lessons at Collier Middle SchoolThe Collier Middle School music program, overseen by Ms. Kristine Murphy is open to any middle school student interested in learning a musical instrument. Once a week, students meet with Ms. Kris where they learn the in’s and out’s of their instrument, how to read sheet music, and practice their new skills. Some students even showcase what they have learned at our Open Mic.

“Did you know that music is math? Science? History? A foreign language? Physical education? But mostly music is art. I think of music as a pathway to higher self-esteem, self-expression and improved social and emotional skills. Collier’s pull-out music lessons offer students the opportunity to continue or begin learning to play an instrument of their choice with the advantage of one-on-one instruction. Here at Collier, we don’t miss a beat!” exclaimed Ms. Kris.

Learning an instrument, especially for autistic youth, has a significant, positive carry-over into the classroom. Among the benefits listed above, learning how to play an instrument helps our students increase their attention, decrease self-stimulation, improve their cognitive functions, increase socialization, exhibit successful and safe self-expression, enhance auditory processing, decrease agitation, improve their verbal skills, and enhance their sensory-motor skills. Musical instruments offer our students an enjoyable way to express themselves while interacting productively.

Currently, students are learning how to play the instrument of their choice be it either the guitar, flute, keyboard, drums, ukulele, trumpet, or saxophone.

“I have been playing instruments since I was 6 and wanted to broaden my horizons. Ms. Kris makes learning so much fun and I really enjoy the one on one,” said Magnus, a Collier Middle School student who is currently taking flute lessons with Mr. Kris.

Collier is grateful to have such dedicated teachers to pass on their love of music to our students.